Submit Module

Submit Module

The Submit module provides an interface for submitting transactions and monitoring their progress through various stages in their lifecycle.


  • Submit: This method allows clients to submit transactions to the blockchain. It's fire-and-forget, the service will return inmediately once the transaction is acknowledged.
  • Check: This method allows clients to check the status of submitted transactions in a synchronous fashion. The operation is blocking but it will return inmediatelly with the latest known status for the transaction.
  • WaitFor: This method allows clients to wait for transactions to reach a certain stage and receive updates in an asynchrounous fashion. The client starts a stream to watch specific transaction, the service will post reply each time a stage change occurs.

The schema details can be found in the spec reference.

Sequence Example

The following diagram describes the message exchange between a client and service where the client submits a transaction and waits for status updates asynchrounously.